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Harwinder Bisla Business Owner

Harwinder Bisla ASR Owner

Harwinder Bisla Business Owner

Harwinder Bisla began his business career in 1991 with his first restaurant/club: Bisla Restaurant and Bar in downtown Fresno. While the restaurant was of very limited success, the club took did exceptionally well. So well in fact that after six months the club went from 2 days to 5 day effectively becoming the venue, Bisla Nightclub. The venue was so successful that after 2 years, he was able to relocate to North Fresno to nearly double the size.

The new location was so successful that the City of Fresno tried to close the location by pulling its venue dance permit. That was due to the large masses of customers the venue was drawing that parking impossible for other business in the shopping center.

After a months long battle, the City and Bisla Nightclub came to a resolution and Bisla’s continued to remain successful until it was sold December 1997.

He moved Sacramento and in 1998, and created Digital Entertainment Inc (DEI) with his brother in law. The company produced and distributed Bollywood Classics as well as new releases. After litigation with their partner Eros International LTD, Harwinder stepped away at the end of 2002.

In late 1999, while still holding the position of COO of DEI, Harwinder opened his first Development project in Sacramento that he had started while living in Fresno. That project consisted of a of Texaco Gas Station that included a carwash, Wienerschnitzel, Quiznos, TCBY & Juice works. As the franchisee of all of them, he was able to take both Quiznos and Wienerschnitzel to the highest sales in thir regions. After divorcing in 2002, the ownership of that project was passed on to his ex wife though he continued managing it until 2009.

2008 was the start another nightclub in Sacramento called Bisla Sports Bar & Rock Lounge. The rock aspect being an inspiration from visiting his younger brother Sat’s Worldwide Music Expos. After limited success, he sold it to another brother Bob who then took the Sports Bar to higher success after eliminating the live music.

2008 was also the year Harwinder was in contract to acquire 2 Shell stations in Roseville but with the economic tumult that year, he settled on just one site by the Galleria Mall.

The acquisition of just the single site allowed him to focus on turning the site around and double sales within a few years.

In 2013, he purchased a building in Roseville that had been a two-story Mexican restaurant prior to its closing in 2006. He decided to copy a successful concept his brother Steve operated in Fresno called The Standard. He settled on the name ASR Restaurant & Lounge that were the first initials of his three children. Despite its success, it had been underfunded as the cost of buildout was nearly half a million dollars over budget. The stress of trying to cover the debt working nearly a hundred hours a week led to his mental breakdown and ended his business career.

Making bad choices in dealing with the financial pressures, he faced both civil and criminal cases that severely tarnished his reputation.

After a few years of therapy and rehabilitation he turned his life around. He has a successful consulting business, allowing him to use his experience helping other realize their business dreams.

Today his focus remains helping his ex-wife in her real estate endeavors and trying to be a better dad, friend and mentor to others.