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Harwinder Bisla Business Owner

Harwinder Bisla ASR Owner

Harwinder Bisla The Great Entrepreneur Business Owner

Harwinder Bisla who is the owner of ASR Restaurant & Lounge has 3 decades of experience in the restaurant industry. With a passion for cooking and hosting, Harwinder Bisla is a very passionate and outgoing person which instilled in him the drive to master his craft. Furthermore he displays his skills by imparting them to others. Mr. Bisla is a great example of hard work paying off.

ASR Restaurant & Lounge:

ASR Restaurant & Lounge has been serving its signature dishes to and visitors alike. You can find the restaurant in the heart of Roseville, a cozy neighborhood bar with live music, where you can order your favorite dishes or have a night cap after dinner.

The mission of ASR Restaurant & Lounge is to provide the best in fine dining cuisine... Our finest chefs have focused on creating a menu that will tantalize your pallet and provide the type of dining experience where you can always find something new and exciting. With over 20 years in the industry, ASR Restaurant & Lounge has received accolades from both local residents as well as members of the press.

Significance of ASR Restaurant & Lounge:

Harwinder Bisla has designed a very impressive restaurant. He has taken into consideration the lighting, the furniture and tables. The colors he has chosen are so appealing to the eye and when you enter the establishment it instantly brightens up your day. The environment is calm and relaxing with an elegant touch to it. His staff is very welcoming as if you are a family member of theirs. They welcome you with a warm hug, which takes away any reservation you might have about coming in and trying their food. ASR Restaurant & Lounge offers some of the best sit down food available in Roseville.


ASR Restaurant & Lounge is a great restaurant that is quite a hidden gem in the heart of Roseville. The atmosphere is very welcoming and it's one of those places you can always rely on to bring you amazing food. Harwinder Bisla should be recognized for his hard work and capabilities in the kitchen, he always makes sure that his customers are well served with what they have ordered. They have some unmatchable items they serve, since they are able to put together different cuisines from around the world according to their customers' preferences.